Gifts for the Gardening Enthusiast

Since we've become home owners, one of the few "chores" I truly enjoy is getting outside and taking care of our flower beds and new (little) veggie/herb garden. A habit of mine is to walk around and inspect them in the evenings when I get home from work... Don't ask me why, there's just something cathartic about it. 
Here are a few gift ideas I'm sure any gardener (amateur or pro) would love to receive!

 1) Heirloom tomato seeds from Williams-Sonoma, another option from Amazon below 2) The Gardener's Book is full of age-old tips and tricks, link below 3) Tory Burch Printed Garden Tote- the shape of this bag makes it perfect to carry around while flower collecting in the yard or at the market! 4) Royal Apothic Candle- we have this in both English Rose and Noble Carnation, though all four scents are amazing  5) The Drunken Botanist- I received this as a gift for my birthday and LOVE it- my friends know me WAY too well! Link below  6) A pretty little sunhat to protect the face and neck while working hard outside.

Until next time
Here's to getting a little dirt under the nails,