Fools Gold

I don't know how they do it, but Anthropologie could literally smear dirt on a burlap sack and style it so well I'd want to buy it. And pay a premium for it. Enter the latest ridiculously priced item on their site I fell in love with... a pyrite/lucite jewelry box. The cost? $1498.00. For that much, I'd expect more than chunks of fools gold!
I don't happen to keep my jewelry in a box, rather it's strewn about the house wherever I decide to take it off. Not the best habit, but it works. However, I loved the idea of shimmery rocks on top of a box so much I decided to re-create my own (more affordable) version to use as a candy jar.
{1 Our local Target sold this set separately, the container was approx. $9.00//2//3//4}
{A close up of the small pyrite chunks ordered from Amazon}
This project is so simple. Start by building an even base (use the flattest rocks for this part) and glue the rocks to the lid of the container. Continue to build upon the base, reserving the shiniest and prettiest rocks for the top/outer finishing pieces. **Small side note, I started out using the super glue and found the the craft goop did a much better job on the uneven surfaces of the chunks of rock. I'd recommend using the craft goop for the entire project.
 {Finished product- I liked a more asymmetrical look and shifted the clump towards one side of the lid.}
{It took about 15 minutes to complete this project plus an hour or two to allow the glue to dry}
{Full of jellybeans}
This project could take on different looks in many ways by varying the type of container, the size of pyrite you use or even by switching out the rocks altogether. I happen to think amethyst or quartz would also look killer!

Until next time-
Momma didn't raise no fool,