Five Favorites Under $15

We've all heard (and felt) it... this winter has been one of the harshest in years. My skin is pretty dry anyways, so the high winds and dry air have done a number on me the last few months. Luckily, I've got a few products that no matter the weather, will keep my skin looking hydrated and fresh.
1) L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Tan Towels: Because being pale is OK- being pasty is not. From seventh grade and into college, I used to tan... a LOT. More than I'm happy to admit to. In recent years I made the switch to self-tanners and have tried just about every brand out there. Tan Towels are great but they're pretty expensive. L'Oreal's version runs $10 for a box of six and delivers nearly the same results. 
2) Ocean Potion Ever Glow Lotion: For the same reason as above.  This lotion is light weight, doesn't smell like self-tanner at all, and is pretty cheap. It will build a gradual tan on its own after applying daily for about a week, or help to prolong your existing natural/fake tan. A great year-round product. 
3) Genes Vitamin E Creme: Because nothing is worse than getting into bed with dry, itchy skin. My mother-in-law told me about this product and I've had a tub on hand ever since.  I use this on my face at night and wake up with the softest skin. It's pretty thick and you WILL feel like you're wearing lotion, so if you don't like that feeling it's not for you. A plus- if you're a Sams Club member, it'll only set you back about $9 for an enormous tub. 
4) Clinique Mild Cleanser: Because it's mild and won't dry out your skin. At the start of winter I was exfoliating with a harsh paste a few times a week. It was just TOO much. I switched back to this cleanser and simply use it with a wash cloth for a good clean. It hasn't felt dry since.
5) Corona Ointment: Because my grandma swears by it. This stuff works wonders. Its similar to a bag balm, but better in my opinion. Cracked lips? It'll take care of them. Dry heels or hands? Here's your answer. I use it daily on my lips- it looks funny at first because its a thick, white cream but it fades to clear eventually. Smear some of this on your feet before bed, slip socks on and let it work magic on your soles over night. It's awesome.

What are some of your favorite (inexpensive) beauty tricks/tips?!

Until next time-
Spring is nearly here!