Reason #9,376,250 I love Old Navy...

Jeans are one of the few things I don't enjoy spending money on. I get to wear them one day a week to the office and prefer dresses on the weekends anyways, so I'm always on the hunt for a bargain. Wax coated or leather-look skinnies have been on my list for a while and after (unsuccessfully) purchasing and returning multiple pairs, I finally found the winners. At Old Navy. For just over $30. Go figure!
Top & Jeans: Old Navy// Bag: Mulberry// Shoes: Shoe Mint (similar)// Scarf & Earrings: SAW Clothing
 Such a cute outfit for running around town, no?! Kind of obsessed.
PS- Mulberry is having a major sale. 
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6 Reasons Why I "Blog"

Over the last year I've found that there are many things I love about blogging and many things I don't care for so much...First- I disdain the word "blog" and have never considered myself to be a blogger. I immediately shy away when anyone mentions my little, insignificant space within the world wide web and this thing I've got going on here... it's a MAJOR time sucker. I do not get paid big bucks to sit down and write daily. In fact, blogging is not even a part time job for me though I put about that much time towards it every week and there are probably millions of others who do the same. That being said...I've personally found that every minute I have invested in this space has been so worth it.
I thought I'd share some of the reasons I got into this because I think so many people need an outlet (whether it be public or private) and are often too afraid to take that first step. Looking back I wish I would have started years ago.
Here are the six predominant reasons I blog.
1. It's cathartic. After a long day at work or if I'm just dealing with general frustrations, the first thing I do is pour a glass of wine and hit the keys. Rather than coming home and letting the anxiety fester, this space has given me a way to channel my frustrations into something much more productive and rewarding.
2. It gets my creative wheels spinning. Like it or not, I work in an industry that's dominated by males (though its changing), contracts, logistics, and non-stop business talk. It's great during the day- I wouldn't have chosen this if I didn't enjoy it. But it's also nice to get home and switch from the left brain to the right! I've experimented with more crafts, recipes, stepped outside my comfort zone more in the last year and feel like I've grown as a person in doing so.
3. It's been a thought catalog for the last year of our lives. We've experienced a lot of highs and lows over the last year. Because I've written consistently, I can go back and look at trends and think about what was going on in our lives at the time. Funnily enough I've noticed certain activities are tied to specific moods and feelings. I cook when I'm sad or down in the dumps, craft when I'm stressed or anxious and post about fashion when I'm excited/happy. Now that I know these things, I can direct my energy to something that will ultimately make me feel better.
4. It's provided direction. Looking back, I can't say I would have ever thought to open an online store. I've been on a mission to discover something I'm passionate about outside of work and I finally found "my something." It wasn't a direct road and it’s been over a year in the making. But my entire attitude has changed and it all started with this blog. I guess you could say AforP has been a catalyst for it all!
5. It keeps you accountable. Self-imposed deadlines, goals to try new things, read more, eat better, get fit, learn, grow etc. Writing them down- then sharing them publicly- I can't think of a better motivator.
6. It thickens your skin. Putting your thoughts out there for anyone to read is scary. I mean really scary. There are days where I feel especially vulnerable but I can honestly say I've become more confident in my thoughts and viewpoints because I write and share things I’m passionate about. So what if someone doesn’t agree with me or has something nasty to say? Different ideas make the world go round.
If you've debated or waivered on getting started, I hope you feel encouraged to make that first step. It's a process and it's certainly work but it's also very rewarding in ways you may never have expected.
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Gift Guide: For the Kiddos

I know nothing about small children and their likes/dislikes. Though we have a few young ones in our family, I'm not even going to pretend that I could come up with a unique gift for them without having them "write a letter to Santa" telling him explicitly what they want. Therefore, I write what I know. Enter- Gift Guide for the Kiddos Dog.
 Personalized cookie/treat cutter// Oversized, uber durable Candy Cane chew toy// iCPooch remote treat dispenser// Bejeweled collar for the diva dog// Stamped leather collar for the dude dog// Barkbox single box or multi-month gift (hurry and place your order today for delivery before Christmas!)// Sweet (and cute!) pack of three ginger snap treats
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What does one buy a small, non-furry child for Christmas? HELP!


Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

My Picks:
A Stocking that reminds me of a moroccan wedding blanket// Loads of Polish// Sparkly Gloves
Statement making Bracelet// Softest Jammies// Perfume Sampler
Essential Eye shadow palette// The best scented Candle
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Only 17 more days!