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6. Following this diet prior to flying supposedly helps to suppress the effects of jet-lag.
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What to Wear: France/Germany Edition

It’s just about time to start stuffing the bags for our upcoming trip, so I thought I’d share a glimpse of some of the items I’ll be packing! After all, it’s not like I’ve been planning my wardrobe since the day we booked our flights or anything….the real challenge will be fitting it all into a carry on...
1 & 2. Chambray goes with everything. I'll be taking two versions of the shirt- the long sleeve version will be warm enough on its own for chilly days and the sleeves can be rolled up for warmer days. The sleeveless version will be a great base for layering!
3 & 4. Similar to the chambray, you can never go wrong with a white button up or a white tank with pretty details. The button up is so soft, comfortable and light weight while the tank is in between casual and dressy, making it a great transitional piece.
5 & 6. These two long sleeve blouses are going to be great for museum days and for nights out on the town!
1. I love black skinnies. Especially these. They're inexpensive, comfortable and dont lose their shape/get baggy after being worn multiple times- a huge plus when traveling. I'll be taking two pairs!
2.  I don't do shorts... so for warmer days I'll be bringing along this black skirt.

1, 2 & 3. A simple black dress goes a long way and since buying each of these dresses, I've worn them numerous times. All are reasonably priced, easy to wash/layer/pack/dress up or down and comfy!
1 & 2. Military-inspired crop and white blazer- both perfect layering pieces. 
3. Reversible cardigan- I have an older version of this Burberry classic in a different colorway. It's super cozy and since it's reversible, you basically get two different looks for the price of one!
 4. Classic trench. Always appropriate.
1 & 2. Black and nude flats. The nude are uber comfy and waterproof- perfect for inclement weather.
3. I wear heels all the time so there is no way I'm going to leave home without a pair in my suitcase. These black pumps with a reasonable heel will be great for evenings out!
The goal for this trip is to bring great basics and accesorize with scarves and jewelry since they take up much less space. A few other breezy tops and dresses will sneak their way into my suitcase (if I have room...) along with an additional pair or shoes, but I've made it my mission to pack lightly.
Stay tuned- I have a few other posts planned about our preparation for this trip!
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Make Your Wardrobe Work

If you're anything like me, I'm sure you have quite a few "unwearable-to-work" pieces in your closet. You know- strapless dresses you probably spent an arm and a leg on and wore once, dresses that are a bit too short for the office, etc. There are plenty of ways you can make those pieces work and I wanted to share two of them today.
{Dress (on sale!)// Blazer// Clutch// Heels}
Issue #1- The strapless dress. I have a couple that are casual (i.e. not strictly a party dress) and long enough that sit in my closet and collect dust. Answer? Throw a blazer or cardigan over it- just be sure to keep your shoulders and the majority of your chest covered. It makes for a perfect desk//date night look.
{My style motto: blazers make almost everything look appropriate!}
 {Dress (old, similar option) // Skirt (old, similar)// Heels (old, similar)// Bag}
Issue #2- This top might look familiar- because it's actually a dress that I've worn previously in this post. I love the shoulders but it's far too short to wear at the office. Answer? When paired with a skirt thats long enough, it can be worn as a shirt! How do you make the most of your wardrobe?
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