Reading Into the New Year

First- I apologize for the absence. I've been stretched pretty thin lately and the blog has taken a temporary back seat. I intend to get back at it and should be back to normal again next week. Full steam ahead! Now onto the post...
My taste in books (just like my taste in music) is rather random. I suppose thats to feed all bits of my brain... the creative side, my spiritual hunger, the business side, imaginative side, and even my physical hunger. Here are my reading picks for the next month:
1. Milk. I am a cookie monster. Christina Tosi is a cookie genius. 
2. The Secret. Motivational, powerful and inspirational. 
3. Outliers. Not sure how I made it through business school without reading a book by Malcom Gladwell...
4. Good Dog. I'm a sucker for a story about a dog. A book packed full of them? Sign a sister up!
5. David and Goliath. Never underestimate the preparation of the little guy.
6. My Paris Kitchen. French food is divine. Another cook book (thanks Mom!) 
7. The Wreath Recipe Book. This not-so-aptly named book features more than just wreaths. With place settings, garland and other ideas, this book is a must for the floral enthusiast.
8. Everything I Never Told You- The book that I hope will fill the "Serial" podcast void. 
What are you currently reading?
Until next time-
Here's to being a bookworm,


I Like Big Bows....

Bare with me for a minute...I've never been one to buy something just because its on sale- if I feel I really need something, I'll buy it. However, I have been known to buy something if "its the last one" or if "they only have my size left..." because its a sign, right? Wrong. And irrational. I know- there's something about seeing "only one left!" that just tugs at me. Lately, I've been feeling that way about this Kate Spade number...
 Only my size was available a few weeks ago and I seriously considered making the purchase. $368 for a dress is crazy town and definitely not how I shop on a regular basis, but I was legit considering buying this thing because only my size was available. HOW STUPID?! Especially because its white  and I'm the most clumsy person and would stain and ruin this thing in a heart beat. I still can't get this piece out of my head so I decided to get creative.
ASOS has excellent bow tie options which also happen to be removable and are less than $16 each! I ordered two of these puppies (#2 and #3) and then started the hunt for a white button down dress.
1//2//3//4//5 (ditch the belt!)
 All the above dresses are excellent options and very reasonably priced. I love the idea of piecing this look together because in the end you wind up with a classic shirtdress that can be worn again and again and a fun accessory that can be added to other collared dresses/shirts. Sometimes the $$$ is worth it and other times a look can be replicated for a fraction of the cost (in this case, under $90 vs. almost $400!) I'll share photos once everything arrives and I can piece it all together!
Until next time-
Here's to budget-friendly finds,
 Other links for bow-tied inspiration:


Gloomy Days

The recent gloomy, cold weather has me wishing for sand and sun. 
Top// Jeans// Pumps (similar)// Coat (similar)// Necklace (similar)// Bag
I think 2015 calls for a beach vacation, no? FINGERS CROSSED.
Until next time-
Here's to keeping it short and simple,


Bikini Body Guide// Kayla Itsines

 New Year// Same story. Grow, learn, read, focus on health, happiness and love. A lot of my goals from last year have trickled over into this year so I'm not going to bore you with my goals for 2015. 
I am however, going to share with you one that has become SO important to me: getting healthy.
2014 was one heck of a year, full of peaks and pits, but two pits left an enormous hole in my heart- losing my Memo and my granddad (the last of my living grandparents.) The emotional weight eventually turned into physical weight and I'm sick of carrying it around. 
SO- today I'm starting Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. It's a 24 week program that's specifically tailored to women. Workouts are about 30 minutes, 3-4 days a week plus walking every other day for about 40 minutes. TOTALLY DOABLE.
{Check out her Instagram account for all sorts of inspiration and real transformations}
I should note I tried jumping straight into this program a few weeks ago after ZERO physical activity for a month. DO NOT DO THAT. You won't be able to move. I'm serious. If you haven't been active start with the pre-workouts. 
I'm really so excited to start this program tomorrow and can't wait to get back to feeling like my old self (physically, anyways) again. I geared up for the cold weather with these pants(brushed makes a HUGE difference for the colder weather- so much better!), this hoodie, these gloves and a few other items and feel I have sufficiently bribed myself for at least the first few weeks of the BBG. I also spent yesterday in the kitchen prepping meals for the week. ALL DAY. Thus my motto for 2015:
{No disrespect Bey}
I'll share a progress picture here and there along with measurable results each Friday morning at the bottom of each post. So here goes nothing...
Until next time-
Have you started the BBG? If so, tell me all about it!
{PS- A, if you're reading, I'm going to owe you a HUGE thank you for telling me about this program when its all said and done!!}