On Repeat...

This outfit -or a similar combination- has pretty much been on repeat when its not 70 degrees out (it is October, right?) I thought I'd put together a few looks that include booties/boots/jeans/sweaters that are comfortable, easy to throw on, yet still look put together!
Look 1: Sweater//Jeans//Booties (recommend going1/2 size up)
Look 2: Sweater (shown above)//Jeans//Boots (shown above- recommend going 1/2 size up)
Look 3: Sweater//Jeans(shown above)//Booties (recommend going1/2 size up)
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Happy weekend!



Today, I'm getting up close and personal to share with you one of my favorite new products, Younique 3D Fiber Lashes. I had been seeing posts about this gel/fiber duo and passed them over until a local consultant, Kristal, reached out to tell me more. I happened to be running low on mascara  (perfect timing) so I thought I'd give this combo a shot!
The product contains one tube of transplanting gel and one tube of black fibers. At first I was nervous that this "process" would add more time to my morning routine, but I typically apply two-three coats of mascara anyways and application is surprisingly simple.
My eyelashes are blonde and difficult to see so mascara makes the biggest difference in my makeup routine. I look like I've just woken up If I'm not wearing it (as evidenced above!) Because of this, I'm pretty choosy about what I buy/wear.
 {On the left- Younique// On the right- one coat of regular mascara- CRAZY difference!}
Now lets get to the application process! Apply one coat of regular mascara. Before dry, apply one coat of transplanting gel. Again, before dry, apply the fibers. 
  The fibers will look messy when you first apply them- in the photo above you can see they look fuzzy and aren't all adhered to my lashes. Not to worry, the next step corrects all of this. To finish it up, add one last coat of transplanting gel- it will remove excess and polishes the overall look. *The more fibers you add, the more dramatic the look. During the week, I'll just make a couple of swipes on each eye but if we have a wedding/are going out/etc., I'll take care to add a few additional swipes.
{End result!} 
I still use one coat of regular mascara on my lower lashes but you can use Younique on them, too. What I love most about this product is it's flexibility. It adds some glam to your everyday routine and can also be amped up for a more special occasion. It takes the guess work out of applying false lashes and is much less expensive/lower maintenence than lash extensions! A few tips:
  • Work on one eye at a time- no one likes clumpy lashes. They can also get "spidery" really fast...
  • Practice applying a few times before walking out of the house. Before I got used to using the brushes, I'd wind up with the gel all over my eyelids.  
  • Keep a q-tip with make-up remover handy! It'll clean up the aforementioned gel on eyelids with a quick swipe.
  • Apply eyeliner first, then 3D lashes, then eye shadow just in case you have a little clean-up to do!
  • For additional tips/more on the product check out this youtube demo or get in touch with Kristal
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Here's to new products,


Bonobos Style Challenge

If you're not familiar with Bonobos, you should be. They're an online retail giant that sells men's clothing for the guy who doesn't enjoy shopping but appreciates a pair of pants that fit really well. This just so happens to sound like the huzz to a T so I can definitely get behind their 'by the guys, for the guys' approach to business.
Last week, Bonobos reached out and asked if I'd style a few looks from their newly released Fall men's suit line. I was pretty excited about this challenge because very rarely do I put an outfit together based on what Brad is wearing. In reality, there's no better accessory than a dapper guy by your side so I think I'll be taking this approach a little more often!
Below are two of my favorite looks from their Fall catalogue- one which would be perfect for a holiday event and one suitable for a crisp night out on the town.
His: Tux//Shirt//Shoes//Bowtie (also love these cuff links & matching stud set)

His: Blazer//Shirt//Belt//Sunnies//Loafers(similar)//Watch
Hers: Earrings//Booties//Bag(love the punch of red!)//Scarf//Dress
Challenge aside, I thought I'd point out a few great things about Bonobos 1) Jackets and pants are sold seperately. For guys with a significant drop (like my husband), that means tailoring costs decrease considerably. B usually has to have his suits deconstructed entirely which sometimes doubles the cost so having the ability to purchase a 44/46 jacket and 35 pants is huge! 2) They've got something that'll work for nearly every type of guy/scenario- old or young, city or country, office or outdoors. Consider your guy covered. 3) Their ninjas and focus on customer experience. They know their products inside out so they're better able to offer style/fit adivce to those guys who might need a little help.  
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Here's to a well dressed man,


All Black Everything//Tuesday Shoesday

Last season I probably owned a total of three black dresses... that number
has since tripled and now it seems like they're the only thing I buy. 
Same goes for shoes. It sure makes getting dressed easy though...
Tuesday, shoesday.
 Dress// Flowy Trench// Heels// Bag// Ring// Earrings (old, love these though)
How do you feel about an all black outfit? Too much or just right!?
Until next time-
All black everything,