Target Find

I'm all about a good, inexpensive find and this little number from Target fits the bill.
I searched high and low online and couldn't find it (so, so sorry!) but it should still be available in stores.
Dress found in store at Target (also love this, this and this) // Necklace// Bag- no longer available (but I love it in this fun color)// Pumps
The cutest little guy of all... somehow B managed to capture him sitting still for once!
Until next time-
Happy Tuesday!


Simple Homemade Granola

The options for homemade granola are endless and I'm not kidding when I say this stuff is almost impossible to mess up. You can sub any of the nuts/seeds/fruit to your liking or forgo the cinnamon and add PB2 powder! Add 1/4 cup granola and fresh berries to your morning yogurt for a nutrient dense breakfast thats sure to tide you over 'til noon. Makes approx. thirteen 1/4 cup servings.
Until next time-
Here's to the most important meal of the day!


Be My Valentine

The last few years, Brad and I have forgone dinner reservations on Valentines day and instead opt for a night in where we cook a nice meal for one another. It beats fighting the crowds and we always push ourselves to try cooking something new and different. This year is no exception, though tonight we'll be heading to "That Girl Can Cook" to learn how to prepare spanish tapas! I plan on wearing this comfy shift (likely with flats) to our date tonight.... 
Dress// Necklace (20% off today!)// Pumps
I love how a touch of pink and red in the dress (and my new kicks) hint at Valentines without being too overt. 
Until next time-
Here's to all things pink!